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Also? Freakin phenomenal BPAL day!

* Got my Lab order - Tamamo-no-mae, which is gorgeous on me, and the chakra imp set. Frimps were mostly things on my wishlist, even!

* Got an overdue swap, a backup bottle of Milk Moon... and the person threw in a tube of awesome hand cream and three sparkly bangles in (unnecessary; I understand that Life Happens) apology. :)

And the big one:

chris_walsh went to Convergence and got me all four exclusives.

*squees* *falls over* *is dead of squee*

(Otherwise, and unrelated to BPAL... I'm just taking this as a slow, lazy day. I was on my feet... actually pretty much all day yesterday, from my workout to hanging out with theloriest through my party. My feet *still* ache. So I'm kicking back and organizing Shayara stuff and playing KoL and listening to music. *stretches*)
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