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Have you ever felt homesick for a place you've never been?

I kind of stopped keeping track of the incoming Shayara sponsorships.... kept track of people, but the amounts sort of skidded off my brain. Mouse and I were both absolutely stunned and stuttering at the response. I couldn't look. I couldn't keep totalling this as they came in. I saw we had five platinum-level sponsors, and I knew that meant $500 right there and then there was everyone else... I couldn't look at PayPal. Couldn't think about it. I know some of you are eye-rolly at my shock, but seriously - when I raise money for charities, I'm used to really pushing for it, working on it for days, weeks, to get to a decent total. And this wasn't for a charity. This was just to get webhosting for my comic. I thought "Okay, I'll post, and maybe we'll get about half of it covered, and I can put the rest on a credit card."

And then we had it all covered by noon, and money kept coming in, and kept coming in...

I was just-now able to verify my PayPal account and see an actual total.



I have tears in my eyes right now. and I'm not a cryer. I just - I feel like Sally Field giving her "You like me, you really like me!" speech.

You like Shayara. You really like Shayara.

You barely know it, and you like it enough to do something to help, to see more of it.

Before LJ, I didn't think anyone would ever read my stuff. I didn't think anyone would care. I didn't think anyone but me would ever want to hug Capri, fall in love with Fenris, help Julia - help Alanna. I was writing Shayara because it's there, this whole world in my head, and I needed to write it.

I didn't think anyone would ever read it.

I didn't think - I had no idea. The response I've gotten on LJ just on the character snapshots, on little vignettes that may never see print - fragments.

Thank you.

Thank you.

In one day, this went from me wondering if my scribblings would ever turn a profit to... basically having enough seed money to do everything we need.

I am just blown away and babbling.

Thank you.

I will try really hard not to suck. :) You want to know my city and her people - I will do my very best to introduce you. *formal bow in Court garb* Dear reader... follow me home.
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