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18th Floor Balcony

My iTunes keeps obsessing on Blue October's "18th Floor Balcony". It's a beautiful song, and just the happiness of it makes me want to write a scene for it. Which would be a lovely and welcome change to what I've *been* writing. *pushes Janos away*

Lyrics under the cut...

I close my eyes
And I smile, knowing that everything's alright
To the core, close that door
Is this happening?

My breath on your hair, I'm unaware
That you opened the blind to let the city in
Dark, you held my hand as we stand
Taking in everything

And I knew it from the start
So our arms are opened wide
And your head is on my stomach
And we're trying so hard not to fall asleep
Here we are on this 18th floor balcony
We're both flying away...

We talked, moms and dads
Family past
Getting to know where we came from
Hearts were on display
Go off to sleep
I can't believe this is happening to us

I raised my hands as if to show you I was yours
That I was so yours for the taking
And I'm still so yours for the taking
And that's when I felt the wind pick up
I grabbed the rail while choking up
No words to say, And then you kissed me....
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