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Picture of the Day

I can has crepe!

That would be me with, um, about 1/3 of a mushroom-thyme-feta crepe from Mr. Crepe in Davis Square. I still love Namaskar, but sometimes a crepe hits the spot. I still want to try that Italian place around the corner on Highland...

Anyway. *ahem* My hair is pulled up so it won't get in my food. It has a mind of its own, I swear. And that is my hair shoggoth. See its cute wee eyes on its cute wee tentacles?

I took a bunch of pictures of downtown Watertown yesterday; those'll go up over the next few days. Next up, Porter Square, where I'll be wandering around for the first time late this afternoon.

So, um, hi! And this is my reflex when being photographed (mgrasso took this one on his futurephone) - hide!
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