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Thor's Day

Hello to new reader booksbynight!

Well, there's no one here to talk to, so I don't yet know if I can sustain a conversation without a coughing fit. My feet are being difficult. Otherwise... hm. A bit better than yesterday.

Shayara Sponsorship
You guys are freakin' amazing.

Me, last night: "...people are still sending me monies."
Adam: "You told them you have what you need for hosting, right?"
Me: "Yes! But they keep sending monies!"

I'm not complaining, mind you. I just thought I'd be flogging the sponsorship thing for a few days, then putting half of the hosting on my credit card. I wasn't expecting to get enough for hosting by noon, and have enough by the end of the day to establish a Convention and Marketing Fund.

Platinum Sponsors: auryn29a, i_descend, mendoza, and ysabel EDIT: and cislyn!
Gold Sponsors: dubheach and gikiski
Silver Sponsors: chris_walsh, chrystie69, jasra, melvh, slipstreamsurfr, and spydielives
All other sponsors: themaskmaker, dragonheart97, eustaciavye, ewin, ewtikins, haikujaguar, mere_bystander, fiddle_dragon, shrijani, and siliconshaman.

If you're not on this list, it's because I accidentally skipped a line or I can't place your legal name! Help me give you credit. :)

And yes, donations are cumulative - if you don't have $100 right now, but really want to be drawn into the comic, just send what you can til you hit $100. We're easy like that. The donation button will be on the website when it launches, so if we rock your world more than usual with any particular update, you can throw a few bucks in the tip jar.

...when we get stickers and flyers? We'll need a street team. Hee!

Sorry, 'scuse me. I'm just still kinda stunned and choice-shocked over here. Thank you.

From kimeepower: HeroKitties!

From today's XKCD - "Take wrong turns. Talk to strangers. Open unmarked doors. And if you see a group of people in a field, go find out what they're doing. Do things without always knowing how they'll turn out." (emphasis mine.)

*nods* Yes. This is who I was in my late teens, early twenties, and it's finally who I am again.

Daily Science
A female hammerhead shark that gave birth without sex has put the bite into conventional wisdom about reproduction among large vertebrates, according to research published Wednesday.

Daily BPAL
Repeating last night's plea - anyone going to Convergence XIII this weekend who does not care about BPAL? There are four exclusive-to-C-XIII blends (at least); you can get three of them (don't know names yet and won't know til after C-XIII) without a badge/laminate - just walk into the vendors' area, find the crowd of squeeing and great-smelling fangirls, and ask to please purchase the exclusives - but one of them, you need a flyer from Friday night's Phoenix Parade to purchase. I don't know if you need a badge for the parade.

Anyway, if you can get me these, I would be overjoyed and will of course reimburse you accordingly. If you have other friends who are going and don't care and can get a bunch of sets, I can decant the oils and sell the decants at a *reasonable goddamn price* so more people will get to smell the rare shinies.

As for reviews - I do have a wee pile of imps to review, but some of them, I swear I've reviewed before. Need to update the wiki.
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