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It would be nice if I could sit at my computer long enough to get some writing done, but I get all stuffed-up when I sit. *sniffle* *hack* *cough* Want to post something today that's not just "gimme!"

Speaking of which: Mouse and I are hashing out what sponsors get. So far:

Platinum sponsors ($100 and up): You get drawn into the comic. Not major roles,mind you - those are all filled! But you can be hanging out at the coffeehouse, at the farmer's market - there are options. If you've donated $100 or more (so far this is auryn29a and ysabel - we love you guys! EDIT: and mendoza and i_descend! We love you too!), you may send your picture or a description of how you'd like to be drawn to Miz Mouse.

Gold sponsors ($50-$99): You get a T-shirt! (Platinum sponsors get the shirt too, of course.) Mouse and I are trying to decide whether you just get a free shirt of your choice of design, or if there'll be a super-special sponsors-only tee. Is there a general desire for an exclusive tee? Shirt designs so far are the redesigns of Julia and Napalm; in the works, an image of the city gates, with the fog-shrouded city rising beyond them, and one of Fenris. Who else do you want on a shirt?

Silver sponsors ($25-$49): Still working on something for you guys. Ideas?

All sponsors: Mentions on the new website, either at the post office or on the bulletin board at Tyka's coffeehouse...

And e-mail addresses.

Yep. Be whoever you want Except song or mouse. We've got dibs on those. ;)

So, yeah. I'm excited. :) I have to verify my account before I can accept y'all's payments, but as soon as the micropayments hit my account, the website's going up - a placeholder until Mouse and I put finishing touches on the real thing, but it'll be there, there will be info and art and... yeah. :)


Now I need to finish the primer and the new, starring-Donna intro comic.
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