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Convergence XIII

Anyone going to Convergence this weekend who doesn't care about BPAL or wouldn't mind decanting a bit of the exclusive scents for me? *hopeful look*

Storyville's one of my all-time favorites. I've smelled Voodoo Queen once (thankfully for my wallet, it didn't work on me), but have never smelled Doc Buzzard or the TAL exclusives...

So. Yes. I would *really* love to try the Convergence XIII exclusives, and I will be incredibly grateful if you could help that happen. Y'know, if you're going to be in Portland this weekend.

The parade exclusive is Crumpet Rebellion. Crumpet Rebellion! Must have!

EDIT: You do not need a badge/laminate to get to the vendors, to get the three "normal" exclusives. Just the Crumpet Rebellion. You need a Phoenix Parade flyer for that.
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