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Sponsor Shayara

Dear reader,

As you may have noticed, hasn't been up in a while. Reason being, it was being hosted for free, and the institution that discovered that it was hosting it cut us off.

Yarr! I am a pirate.

It's important to us that we get back up and running. The site has been totally redesigned with lots of cool stuff, including that clickable map of the city. We'll have a forum and a store, too.

All of this requires, well, monies. Filthy lucre. And m0usegrrl and I are starving artists of the unemployed and/or barely employed variety.

The hosting we want is Crazy Domain Insane on DreamHost. Two-year prepaid is $190.80; one-year prepaid is $119.40; and month-to-month would be $59.90 to set up and $9.95/mo thereafter. Obviously, two-year prepaid would be ideal.

We do not have $200 lying around here. I checked under the bed and everything!

So, dear reader, we are asking for your help. Please, please, throw a few bucks in the hat to get us up and running. I've got the story, she's got the art - all we need is that wad of cash to get started.

In exchange, you'll get -
* Well, everyone will get a kickass webcomic.
* All sponsors will be listed in Shayara's post office, with the link of your choice (within reason - no hardcore porn!)
* Special content will be provided for Silver ($25), Gold, ($50), and Platinum ($100) Level sponsors. Mouse and I haven't figured out what that'll be yet.

Please help us get our story out there. Any amount helps.

Sponsor Shayara!

Thank you!

EDIT: We are there. It's covered. Wow, you guys... thank you so much. :) *is teary*
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