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Everyone's said everything else that's on my mind, but one thing I saw and Adam didn't...

...that's where Peter's dream-powers come from. Charles. Simone's father. It was the first of his powers we saw (and it's long been neglected), and it manifested when he was Charles's nurse.

Makes you wonder if Mama Petrelli had him put there for that reason, to sponge that up. But that would presuppose she had some way of knowing what the heroes' gifts are before they themselves know. Maybe she does. Maybe that's her gift.

Maybe she's a trigger.

Anyway, yeah. Peter first started having those dreams when he started nursing Charles, and Charles appeared to him last night in a dream-that-wasn't. So.

Unrelated: Molly and Micah are going to be *such* a cute couple when they grow up.

Peter's not dead. Nathan probably is. Fortunately, Mama Petrelli can spin "oh the senseless tragedy" out of that as well, to move along the Linderman Plan. Fortunately for Mama Petrelli, anyway.

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