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This weekend

Right,then. See, I have three sets of potential plans:

* Supersekrit weekend-long out-of-town thing. Pros: I will know some people there. Cons: I will not know many, leaving me with the possibility of being the weird kid in the corner with the book. And hotel room != really in our budget right now. And I don't like the idea of pulling people away from things to chauffeur me around when I need a nap, even if they *did* offer.

* Balticon. Pros: Spooky will be there! And it's a con. A con where I am not expected to Be Shadesong, and can just hang out with Spooky and aVivaSedai, HughCasey and WCG. Con: Right now, it looks like my only way there would involve me leaving Boston on Wednesday.

Con on both of these: Me being out of state for four to six days not long before Elayna goes to Florida for the summer. I'm not sure I want to be away from her for so long just now.

Plan 3:

* Hide under my bed til all the other choices go away.

So okay. If I can't get a ride to Balticon, I think I'm probably going to stay local. I'm not all the way recovered from Cymbalta withdrawal yet, so my brain's not balancing all of the variables quite as well as it ought to be. And I'm not feeling well, and should probably conserve my energy. I have the aquarium event and a friend visiting from out of town this weekend.

If I don't go out of town, I can host that Bill Cosby: Himself/vodka-tasting party before quem98 darts off to Kiev.

I don't know. *goes off to hide under bed until the choices go 'way*

I will be able to travel more this summer, when Miss Kid is in Florida. But I feel bad. Because options 1 and 2 are both things I really want to do.

...and I have e-mails from three cute guys, but I have already taken my sleeping pill and am probably already not making sense, so I'll reply tomorrow.

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