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...I think that went well. :)

It's 30-someodd people not-really-competing-but-seriously?-competing for 15 spots in this training cycle, so there are no guarantees. But

* Not as many people are interested in the public-speaking program (they need me more than they need more phone volunteers!)
* A lot of the program requests are for daytime programs (Ooh! Me! Pick me! I do not have a day job! I am here for you, y0!)
* The woman who interviewed me seemed interested and engaged; she'd clearly read my application and had me-specific questions. And I was the first person she called. And she seemed really enthusiastic when we wrapped up.

But. No guarantees. And I might not know for sure til the end of next week. AGH. (But I felt good enough about it to buy myself celebratory locally-made gingerbread.) So. Distract me, darlings. Tell me what amazing and wonderful things are going on in your lives.

I go now to tuck in Miss Kid, then watch Heroes.
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