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I am too nice for my own good.

Not just the Girl Scout camp-in thing - which, trust me, was both irksome and painful - but... I give away tea with my BPAL swaps. Tea and sometimes candy, if I have candy around that ships fairly flat.

I didn't get sick this winter. Sure, the fibro, but I didn't get colds or the flu. So I started sending Yogi Tea's Throat Comfort tea with my swaps, just in case the recipients might need it.

Finally got home from the museum, achy and mildly feverish and throat achy and scratchy, dug through the tea drawer, and -

It appears that I have given away all my Throat Comfort tea. *hangs head* *sighs* *coughs*

I'm drinking Cold Season tea right now, but it's not the same; I really needed the slippery elm that's in the Throat Comfort tea. It's kinda nasty, but it really does help my throat. This is good tea, but it's not the same. *sigh* *cough*
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