Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

Museum of Science has free wifi!

The girls are doing their first activity - building, city planning.

Their city has a volcano in the center.

*None* of the other cities have any design challenges. Ours? Volcano. Figures.

So they've built a geothermal power plant, a reservoir, and a retaining wall, so far, and decided to call it Onigiritown. Because Elayna has her onigiri purse plunked down in the middle of the red-sweater lava.

There are about 600 Girl Scouts here tonight, and they're managing things really well, considering. The girls are going to a Rube Goldberg workshop and an animal workshop after this; then there's the electricity show, and lights out at midnight.

I'm... *really* achy. Just took half a Flexeril. Can hold on til midnight. We're bunking in Biotechnology, which thrills the kids to no end; we'll sleep next to models of DNA.

EDIT: They're explaining their city now.

J: "...and this is Onigiri Farms, where we grow the onigiri to sacrifice to the evil Onigiri God who lives in the volcano."
Elayna, to the crowd: "Onigiri means "rice ball"."
J: "Everyone knows that."

EDIT: That's done, and they had so much fun with the Rube Goldberg thing that they passed on the live-animal thing. The girls that were with us, of course. The troop leader took two of the girls for a drink of water - that lasted an hour. AAGH. Adam is staying here with us just so I have help, as I am not feeling well At All; think I'm coming down with something. :(

So right now the kids are between activities, having set up camp here in biotech. J. and Elayna are working on their mix comic, and the others are avidly exploring biotech. Troop leader's nowhere to be seen.

Next thing is the electricity show at 11. And at this rate, our chances of all sitting together are shot, as we are waiting for the troop leader before we can go anywhere. *sigh* But after that, lights out.
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