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People need to stop abbreviating cognitive-behavioral therapy as CBT because that's not what CBT means in my world comma dammit.

Heh. :)

(Not that it is All About Me. I'm just sayin'. CBT is a common enough acronym for cock and ball torture that people need to stop and think, y0.)

Um. Yes. Also!

Went here tonight with pseydtonne. pseydtonne and I don't just talk in circles, we talk in freakin' labyrinths. We kept getting back to previous unfinished topics of conversation just be continuing to make right turns, pretty much. *thumbs up*

Food! Copied and pasted from the website, because it's 1 AM.

Potato & Celery Root Cakes, Pear Spiced Relish & Sour Cream - it's like latkes. But with celery root, too, and the pear relish is *sweeter* than applesauce, and it really works. :)

Warm Goat Cheese with Roasted Eggplant and Pepper Dip - this was mostly his (I was hoovering up the latkes); I tried some, though, and can attest to its yumminess.

Mousaka with Lamb, Zucchini, Eggplant & Potato; Cracked Pepper Biscuit Crust & Swiss Chard - ...moussaka pot pie. o.O Again, it works. The theme of the menu seems to be "But they can't - oh, wait, they can, and I'm glad they did."

Duck Breast with Porcini Risotto and Swiss Chard, Red Currant Sauce - ...and this is what I'm getting next time. So tender. And I have a mad inexplicable love of risotto. So.

Macedonian Wild Fig Sundae with Vanilla Gelato, Almond Frangipane & Pomegranate Caramel - okay. I must begin by saying that I don't usually like vanilla (too plain), almond (too bitter), or caramel (too gloppy). But. Well. The figs... the figs were freakin' incredible, thick and sweet. The pomegranate made the caramel tart and interesting. The almond was mild. The whole thing together? That... may have been my orgasm face.

Also, I had a really good Macedonian wine (Dear Dr. LJ: Why do some red wines make me sneeze?).

After that, quem98's party, where great swathes of Bill Cosby: Himself were recited from memory. And there was a big fat cat. And I met someone who has a cookbook of ancient Roman recipes that he's been dying to try out, so we are so go for my bacchanalia.

And yes, Spooky, I know I should be in bed now! But I'm a bit ouchy and required some time with my Shoulder Moose before bed. And now I have had it. *curtseys*
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