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Just in general, not related to anything/anyone specific:

The fact that I work at home does not mean that my time is worth less than yours.

You have eight hours to do your job. I have six hours to do mine (writing, soon also hopefully crafting). In that time, I also have to run errands, get my medically-necessary exercise, rest if my body's wonky, et cetera. At the end of that time, my daughter comes home from school, and I'm full-time mothering (which is very active somedays, like when she needs to get her butt moving on a project).

In this time, I am also keeping house, both in general (dishes, tidying up) and in specific (major closet project, stuff like that).

Because I work at home, I am subject to drop-ins of both the kid and adult type.

Please look at the above. Please also note that I am disabled. I have chronic pain; that makes getting things done difficult, often makes 'em take longer. I have chronic fatigue from both the fibromyalgia and the side effects of my anti-seizure medication, so I really require a daily nap to keep my brain and body from getting even screwier. I have to do my errands on foot, because I oughtn't to drive. I also have the continuous cycle of doctor appointments.

Ginger Rogers did everything Fred Astaire did, but backward and in high heels.

I do everything the average writer, wife, and mother does, but I do it with two significant disabilities, and I have less time to do it in.

My time is not worth less just because I work barefoot.

I'm not saying I work harder than you. It's just that I work different. And I want that respected.
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