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Tew's Day

Definitely worse in the evenings than during the day. Was hobbling again last night.

Anti-Seizure Med Recall
Two brands of anti-epilepsy medications are being withdrawn because they may fail to provide adequate dosages to patients, Health Canada has announced.

The recall applies to Depakene 500 mg, manufactured by Abbott Laboratories Ltd., and ratio-VALPROIC 500 mg, made by ratiopharm Inc.

I'm shocked. Really. /deadpan

Magister Mundi sum!
Latin sayings. Fun!

The Food Timeline
Fun for foodies, and a good writing resource, too boot! Ever wonder what foods the Vikings ate when they set off to explore the new world? How Thomas Jefferson made his ice cream? What the pioneers cooked along the Oregon Trail? Who invented the potato chip...and why?

I'm writing quite a bit... I just don't know if it's anything anyone wants to see, is why I've not been posting. Most of it is outside the story proper, and what's not is spoilery. Aaagh. I need to talk to people about this. *laugh* I'll work on focusing on something I can share.

It's icky outside now, so I'll stick around here, do yoga with the TiVo, and get some stuff done 'round the office. Should be fine by the time I go to Diesel. We're departing Diesel at 6:30, right, ladies?

Daily Science
Sequencing the marsupial genome!

Daily BPAL

13: A base of cocoa absolute and white chocolate with thirteen baneful and beneficial bits: cardamom, fig meat, grains of paradise, rice flower, chamomile, sandalwood, catnip, clove, and a bundle of five blessed blossoms and herbs.

In bottle: Mostly cocoa, like Wulric, but then I get a mild, deep fruit beneath it - the fig meat.

On me: Cycles from pure cocoa through rice flower... I get a tiny bit of clove. This is a serious morpher. Ah, there's the cardamom! This gets spicy!

Bad Luck Woman Blues: Keep that bad luck woman away with a blend of Spanish moss, black pepper, mullein, sweet sage, vandal root, cypress, cigar tobacco, and a puff of goofer dust cloaked by a swarthy cologne of vetiver, lime, dark musk, caramel accord, and lilac.

In bottle: Ungh. This goes to the hindbrain. Musk and vetiver and dirt.

On me: ZOMG. The above, and Spanish moss drapes itself around the scent like a shawl. The moss brings out the sage and cypress. This is deep rich earth and musk and plants that I love. This is freakin' awesome. And then the caramel winds through... yeah. I'm in love. So glad I ordered a bottle!

Monster Bait: Tokyo Stomp: Beckons all giant creatures from gargantuan reptiles and humongous moths! These babies are sure to crush everything from dollhouses to shopping malls! Can even be used to summon colossal robots in a pinch! A sweet and crisp vanilla mint!

Gojira on the bottle! :)

In bottle: Mmmmm. Yes. After-dinner mint. I'm getting an Andes-candies vibe, but that could be the 13 peeking through.

On me: Mmmm. Vanilla mint, more vanilla than mint - creamylicious. So sweet and pretty. Elayna will be fighting me for this one. Again - glad I ordered a bottle!

Taurus 2007: Rose, daisy, apple blossom, violet, poppy, columbine, thyme, and mint.

In bottle: Surprisingly, the apple blossom overrides the rose.

On me: But on my skin, the rose takes over, as usual. No thyme, no mint. Sad 'song. *puts imp up for swap*
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