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It's not all brainmelty.

Adam and Elayna gave me a gift certificate for a massage. Hinting works! And Elayna made me a bookmark.

Spooky sent me an e-card. :)

We had breakfast at The Spot - chocolate chip pancakes and home fries!

And, post-ice-cream, Adam and I are watching the Vosges episode of Sugar Rush. I am making little whimpery sounds. (I didn't get any Vosges this year, but I needed the massage desperately, so. Is okay.)

Unrelated to Mother's Day - except in that it deals with the mother of Tessa, Alanna, Katrianna, and Julia - I have much 30someodd-years-before-our-story-begins stuff bubbling in my brain. And I like it when the writerbrain's going, even when I don't have time to write stuff down. It's enough to know that it's there and accessible.

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