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mangosteen & lifecollage's parties = doubleplus good. *thumbs up* *grinning wildly*

And! Something I didn't post in advance, because there was a surprise factor involved...

Item #1: Today was the Boston Zombie March.
Item #2: I knew at least two people would be coming to the party all zombified post-March.

So! The culinary contribution of the sovereign nation of Gojirawitziev?


Yep. Well, just one, actually. I'm enormously pleased with myself for remembering in time that Elayna had a brain-shaped gelatin mold. So we made a big edible brain. Elayna just sort of watched in disbelief, saying, as she watched me clip greenery off carrots to make a nice garnish, "I don't know you people." But the brains went over quite well at the party (wearing a jaunty sign that stated "ingredients: brains (not vegan)"), so I think she knows us again now. :)

But. It was a most excellent party, with most excellent people. We all had a blast. Elayna got to read to a toddler. I got to sit on lots of laps. Adam had good conversations. aussie_nyc had lots of [redacted for protection of aussie_nyc].


If I met you and you feel like friending me, please feel free... if your LJname doesn't mesh well with your meatspace name and/or you lack a photo icon, though, please remind me who you are. :)

I have a mixture of exhaustion and post-party glow. (Body screwy again today, yes, but I'm so glad I went.) But it's almost Mother's Day, and I'm going to stay up until it is. I am so proud of my daughter - yes, even when she tries to pick locks with wood, because hey, at least she was being creative. And every day I'm glad I had her. Aaaand I'm going to go now, before I get all maudlin. :)
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