Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

Saturday Morning Miscellany

* First things first - the Boston Babydolls show last night was phenomenal. If you are not me, ayalanya, aussie_nyc, or any_contingency... whatever you did last night sucked in comparison. I'm just sayin'. Tickets are still available for tonight's show, and you should go - not only is it great fun, but these are their first two shows in a new location... if they want to come back - and they need a regular performance space! - they need as much of an audience as they can get! I'll write more about the show later, as it deserves loving detail.

* LJ pic hosting was sporadically down yesterday; azurelunatic says it should be fixed now. So if you didn't get to see Cleavage/Assets Friday pics, go look now.

* I've been having pretty bad foot & ankle pain since about Thursday. Shooting pains in my neck for the past few days, too. Is this an SSRI withdrawal thing, d'you think, or ought I to be calling my doctor? I don't want to schlep over there if this is going to go away on its own.

* Yard sale this morning yielded a new altar for me (an Indian-painted cabinet. with a latching door, so the cats can't get at my supplies.), clothes, $1 neurology/psychology textbooks, pastels and a sketchbook for Elayna, and Mansquito on DVD.

* Walked to the library, and found that I could not walk any further. Which sucks, because Curves was giving out free chair massages for moms, and that neck thing is really bugging me. *sigh* I need to find a good local therapeutic-massage place.

* Elayna's making decent progress cleaning her room, and not bitching about it.

* It is a hanging-around-the-house day. Including napping. (Every day is National Nap Day in the sovereign nation of Gojirawitziev!)

* [Bad username: aussie_nyc"] and yendi and I are all tapping away on near-identical iBooks. Is cute.

* Ow.
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