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Happy early birthday to jadasc, who advances a year over the weekend!

No real change. :( And I'm a bit sleepdepped right now. (But it was worth it.)

Last Night
Unexpected (like a roof pig!), but fabulous. I must have been very good in a past life.

Daily Science
Most physicists at Illinois-based Fermilab, home to the world's most powerful particle collider, share a dream. They hope against hope that the Tevatron will find the long-sought Higgs particle before the much more powerful Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN — the European particle-physics laboratory outside Geneva, Switzerland — comes along in a year or so and eats their lunch. Bruce Knuteson, though, has a fear. What if the LHC finds something even more exotic than the Higgs —and the tell-tale traces of that novelty turn out to have been lurking, unrecognized, in Fermilab's data for years?

Wearing: Red skeletal-librarian BPAL tee, walking shorts, Strawberry Shortcake socks, skull sneakers.

Reading: Dreadful Skin, by cmpriest.

Writing: I'm half in the Shayara of 50someodd years after Our Story Ends and half in in twenty years before Our Story Begins... dealing with a few of the same characters.

Planning: Girl Scout Thingie this afternoon, Boston Babydolls tonight, mangosteen and lifecollage's party Saturday night; I think that's it, but that's enough.

And now I must go get aussie_nyc. Pictures and stuff later. Bye!
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