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Thor's Day

The opening riff of this song is just one of the best things ever.

Happy birthday to the talented azhure (Elayna wore the jewelry you made her to the concert on Tuesday!), thenifty crisavec (post more pictures!), and the most wondrous and excellent Botanist mendoza (we must take you out for a birthday dinner!)!

See, the brain thing? Feels like I'll be going about my normal daily business and the universe will pick me up by my brainmeats, give a twist, and then set me down at about a 30-degree angle to my previous universe. And, like a compass, my brain wobbles a bit before finding a direction it assumes is generally forwards. It's distracting, it prevents me from bringing trains of thoughts to their various conclusions, and it leaves me feeling a bit helpless, as all I can do is wait for it to stop happening. I just can't *do* anything while it's happening.

Otherwise... I'm a bit overheated and dehydrated from yesterday, still. I'd planned to come home from exercise and have a much-needed bath and nap, not walk the length of downtown Watertown again and sit in the hot sun for two hours.

The idea of giving her a project based on The MIT Lockpicking Guide is a good one. Adam, can you print that out for me?

Mama Wants.
The Candyfab 4000. A solid freeform fabrication machine that prints three-dimensional objects made of sugar.

Yes. Prints three-dimensional objects. Out of sugar.

Go look! There are pictures!

Librarian temporary tattoos!
gwynraven! harkalark! lifecollage! mizarchivist! Look!

"Librarian stereotypes are as old and outdated as microfiche. Nowadays you're just as likely to see your local librarian driving a Harley as a Honda Accord. This 3-1/2" x 4-1/2" hard-cover book contains twelve non-toxic temporary tattoos ranging in size from 1-1/2" to 3-1/4". Put one in a prominent place to prove once and for all that "smart" and "cool" are not mutually exclusive!"

Boston Babydolls! This weekend!
I quote the lovely ayalanya, who will be dancing in both of this weekend's shows:

Rehearsal was earlier tonight, and oooooooooooooh. It's going to be a great show. And I have seen good shows, both before and after joining. Seriously, y'all need to come see. Details can be found here. The venue is great, and so you have an idea - it's at least twice the size of the Paradise lounge and a million times prettier. It looks like the kind of high-end burlesque place you might have found in that Golden Age of Burlesque that didn't really happen (but we're recreating anyway). It's all maroon and softly lit and spacious and...yeah, seriously, this is a great venue.

And we want to keep performing there. A large first audience would go a long way toward making that happen.

David and I have VIP tickets for tomorrow's show. Join us! Support your local burlesque troop! *points to shiny Alanya*

Daily Science
More on the oxygen-reperfusion-in-resuscitation problem.
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