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Odin's Day

Brain zaps continue to keep me on the fritz. *sigh* Less exhausted today, thankfully. Still not really thinking straight.

Shut up or get out!
Pet peeve of last night: Assholes talking during the school concert. Hey dickhead. These are seventh-graders. Playing Vivaldi. For you, and for the other parents. Shut the fuck up and show them some respect!

When I rule the world, the aisles of school concerts shall be patrolled. Offenders will get one warning. If they continue to yap, they will be taken out and shot, and the children will be assigned to parents who will appreciate the cool things the kids can do and who will also show respect to children who are not theirs. Read: yes, I know your kid's in the choir, so you may not give a shit about the orchestra. Well, I don't give a shit about the choir - as Tori Amos once described Alanis Morrissette's singing, "there's no bottom to it" - 90% of the kids up there think they need to be sopranos, so it's just this homogenous strained-high-voice thing. Still. I sit still, listen attentively, and applaud for the choir. You at least need to stop your conversation when my kid is up there playing her flute. Does Shadesong need to cut a bitch?


Elayna did very well, as usual. As did her best friend, commonly referred to as my second daughter.

Rock Star!
In fact, when she finished her first song, the applause included whoops and "Go Elayna!" and "Lay-Lay!", which is her nickname in her secret club. Cheers for her drowned out cheers for other kids. :) My daughter has fans in the choir and strings...

She has so many more friends here than she had in Atlanta. She's loathe to admit that, as she's still trying to be grudging about the move, but it's the solid truth. She has easily over a dozen good friends here already, and that's with her being shy and The New Kid; she has two Best Friends who practically live over here after school. She has a Sekrit Club and a local hangout (the library) and favorite restaurants she can go to with said friends. Has it been a big adjustment? Sure - middle school is so different from elementary school. Factor in the move, and that her elementary school was Montessori, and it's a lot to adjust to. But I think that, overall, it's been a good year, and it will only continue to improve.

Elayna was assigned Croatia for her geography fair. I have poked at the Croatian National Tourist Board website. Result? I kinda wanna go to Croatia. It looks fascinating. And pretty. And I think Elayna will have a great project - that site is very informative, giving her more than enough to satisfy the requirements and get extra credit, if she cooks something/wears traditional Croatian clothing/has Croatian music at her table. Hmm. I need to figure out how to get her Croatian monies.

Life with 'song
I have been known to do this.

Daily Science
Controlling a video game with the power of your mind.

That's a video; there's also a chapter on this in Mind Wide Open, by Steven Johnson.

Today I will try to walk to Curves. And I will read, as I have books due on Friday. *sigh* I hate feeling this incapacitated.
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