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Bra reviews

Dear Betsey Johnson:

"Lightly lined", my yiddishke butt. Listen, Betsey. When a girl is sporting natural 32Ds, she wants support - not a whole 'nother set of boobs sewn into her bra. This is a very pretty bra. But I do not like having my breasts pushed up to my nose. No thank you.

No love,

Dear Jezebel and Wacoal:

Thank you for being both supportive and lovely.



Dear Natori:

I'm not so sure about you. Worn strapless, you give me a moderate case of Corset Tit, aka Armpit Overflow. I shall have Adam help me figure it out, but you may have to keep Betsey company on the trip back to



Dear Calvin Klein:

The Perfectly Fit full coverage bra? At last - truth in advertising!

Much love,



Thank you for allowing me to search by size; finding 32Ds in stores is next to impossible, and paging through catalog after catalog where the sizes start at 34 was driving me bugfuck.

Very much love,

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