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More medical crap

Excellent article on SSRI/SNRI discontinuation hell, via methanopyrus...

Please read that, or the wikipedia entry I linked to the other day, or something on this. Just so you know. I'm feeling very stuck-in-my-head and unheard and unknown right now. Just - this. Look. And understand, at least a little, where I am in my head right now.

Unlike the epilepsy-drug stuff, there's actually information about this stuff out there. The burden is not solely on me to communicate. Which is good, because I'm not so much with the communication right now. But. Yeah. I just want people to read and nod and say "okay", or whatever, just - I want people to know that I'm not just a wacky flaky bitch, that I have some ludicrously intense stuff going on with my brain chemistry right now. It will end. The article says that a lot of people just go back to the SSRI/SNRI, just to make this stop. But I won't. It did not help my pain, and it made other things worse; the only purpose served by going back to it would be the cessation of the withdrawal symptoms, and I know that those will go away eventually.

Hard as nails and twice as tough, that's me. *laces up stompy boots*

"If you're going through hell, keep going."
--Winston Churchill
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