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Hello to new readers aurora1116, kythryne, and mydochas!

Detoxing, still. Tonight's supposed to be my last Cymbalta, but I'm thinking of skipping it - I really need to get this shit over with.

Also? I have a cold. *snuffle* Today will largely be spent catching up on TiVo and reading, I predict. I'm currently not up to yoga - maybe this afternoon. I hope so, as I haven't gotten out there in too long.

Make Mine Marvel!
"Hi, I'm a Marvel." "...And I'm a DC.". Most excellent. Or, rather - excelsior!

Petition of the Day
McFly in 2015!

Mama wants.
These pod-like luxury beds infuse art and design into an otherwise mundane piece of furniture. Offering the ultimate in relaxed environments, the protective, egg-like design features “state of the art” light and iPod-ready sound therapy system which removes outside noises, in addition to a muscle relaxing system and high end mattress.

Daily Science
There's news this week that Mercury's core may be molten. How could we just be discovering this now? The fact that Earth's outer core is molten is taken for granted as scientific fact, so it tends to surprise people that we actually don't know very much about what's going on deep inside any of the other terrestrial planets, which include Mars, Venus, Mercury...

Daily BPAL
I've added full bottles of Budding Moon and Crow Moon and partials of Tell-Tale Heart and Mme. Moriarty to my sales/swap post. In case you wanted them. And if there's anything in particular you're desperately in search of, let me know, because I'm inadvertently hoarding a lot of stuff.
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