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Life with the Gojirawitzes

'song, to Adam, who has returned from food shopping: "Did you get yams?"
Adam: "Oh! I forgot."
'song: "You don't really love me." *pouts mightily*
Adam: "They weren't wasn't on The List."
'song: "But you knew." (I have been bitching about Boston Organics not giving us our promised yams for a few days now.)
Adam: "You were too busy writing 'pony' on the shopping list to write 'yams'."
'song: "Well. I want a yam pony."
Adam: "They don't sell yam ponies at our Shaw's."
'song: "Well, we need to find a better store, then."
Elayna, just now realizing that we've taken a left turn into Bat Country: "Mommy, there's no such thing as a yam pony."
'song: "Sure there is. You buy..." *thinks* "Six yams. And you stick them together with toothpicks. To look like a pony."
Adam: "How would you cook that?"
'song: "I wouldn't."
Elayna: "What's the point, then?"
'song: "Well, I would put it on top of the TV. And when people came over, I would be like-" *game show hostess gesture* "yam pony."
Elayna: "It would get old and smelly."
'song: "I would shellac it."
Adam: "It would be a waste of time and energy."
'song: "Yes. But not much. And it would more than pay for itself in amusement value."
Adam: "For you."
'song: "Yes."
Elayna: "So basically, you want to profit from a shellaced yam pony."
'song: "Precisely."

Really, I just wanted yams for dinner. But I'll take whatever twists my brain takes me through. Yam pony.
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