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Quick nudge...

If you've been pondering buying BPAL from me, now's the time to do it... the April LEs are going away Real Soon now, and I do covet a few of the Dogs Playing Poker scents.

A Bachelor's Dog: Soft musk, leather, and Brazilian cigar tobacco.
Pinched With Four Aces: Colorado Maduro tobacco wrappers, cinnamon bark, coffee bean husk, and dry woods.

in particular. Also

Stranger in Camp: Evergreen, damp grass, woodsmoke, birch bark, cedar, and Terebinth pine.

I have enough foresty scents that I can (reluctantly) give Stranger in Camp a pass if I end up not having PayPal balance, but kebechet so rarely does coffee scents that I really want to grab Pinched With Four Aces. (And her leather note absolutely smells like sex on me, so... Bachelor's Dog... (Oh! One of the things I got in today's pile o' swaps? An almost-full bottle of Spanked.))

So. Yes. Back to the point: Want to smell nice and help me smell like leather and cinnamon and coffee and tobacco and maybe a forest? Click here!

(Unrelated: I am horribly headspinny right now. Like, nauseated and not trusting myself to stand up. I hate brain-altering medications, and I hate dialing up and dialing down on them most of all. Feh.)
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