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Afternoon miscellany

Elayna and I are curled up on the couch; she's reading Amelia Rules, I'm playing KoL, and we're listening to the new Tori Amos album. *shakes seed packet at robyn_ma*

* Sorting through Mother's Day promo e-mails, I surface to say - if you have ever been tempted to send my flowers? Please be now untempted. They die. And the cats like to go after them. I do like flowers, but I'd rather have a flowering plant, if flowers are to happen.

* I'm not happy with the organic produce delivery place... we were supposed to get yams and cauliflower and did not. Grr. I was looking forward to those yams! A proposal: Do some of us (Cyn? Tory? Alanya? Anyone else?) want to get together and do a weekly trip to a farmer's market, then have a mass cooking-stuff day at my place, and everyone chips in and everyone takes home some food? That way we get what we want, and don't get eggplant substituted for yams. Grr.

* Happy mail day, though, with BPAL and TAL I'd swapped for - and 12 bottles of weirdass vodka infusions from the Mad Scienticians of Infusions of Grandeur. We have the base vodka, the distilled-and-improved base vodka, and vodkae in the flavors of coconut, lime (I will not put the lime in the coconut), chocolate, pineapple, rosemary, garlic, vanilla, cinnamon, jalapeno, and... Peeps. Yes. Peeps. You can still see their beady little eyes, floating lazily in a see of purple-tinged sugared-up booze. And yes - I am going to drink this. I am their second Celebrity Vodka Taster (theferrett was first, of course). And yes, I will be having a vodka-tasting party so local boozehounds can give their reviews as well. And be photographed upon their reactions to the Peeps vodka.

* You can tell I'm fragmented and not myself because we got our monthly comic delivery on... Sunday? And I have thus far read only two comics. (The animated-series LSH (J. Torres + Chynna Clugston) and Runaways (Joss Whedon is my master now), if you care.)

* Having Elayna here helps. Keeps me focused on pretending to be normal, anyway. Or what passes for normal around here.

* Oh, yeah - Elayna = my daughter. Alanya = ayalanya. Different people! (Yes, there has been confusion.)

* Um. No more linear thought. I go now.
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