Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

  • Music:
State of the 'song:
* nonfunctional
* fragmented
* in rather a lot of pain
* exhausted
* manic
* wiggin' out

All of the above.

Am not up to using any Mad Writing Skillz today. Assume until further notice that I am currently Not Okay, but I will be okay as soon as this shit clears my system.

If we already have plans for the near future, we still have plans. If we don't, look to midMay.

There've been a bunch of helpful comments and good e-mails that I'm just not up to addressing right now, but: I am not ignoring them, and I appreciate them, and thank you.

And now I go do... something. I don't know. Probably shower. I am in my pajamas and a Castle Blood hoodie right now, and I have pretty girls coming over to cook fresh veggies for me, so I should try to look presentable.

Note: the pain that really drives me bonkers is the sharp spike of pain up my shoulders, through my neck, into my skull. The column of pain between my shoulderblades is irksome, but less sharp so I prefer it to this. I prefer just about anything to this. (Other annoying types of pain include my foot muscles drawing in so I can't walk without pain, and the thing where my hands gets like claws and I can't open them all the way. This sucks.)
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