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Odin's Day

Happy birthday to seanhtaylor!

Hello to new reader tamidon!

I'm ouchier today than my activity level yesterday can account for. Damn dream judo. :P

I'm glad I've acknowledged how crazy-making detoxing off the Cymbalta is, if only because a bunch of you have had similar experiences, it seems - I still feel all NYARGH!, but I don't feel alone, and that makes a difference.

Today shouldn't be as bad as yesterday - I had 30mg last night. Then I go without tonight and tomorrow, have one on Friday, then have my last one on... Monday? Tuesday?

Writing Group?
Hey, Bostonians - is there a writing group anywhere around here? And if not - anyone want to join one? sweetmmeblue and I are interested, and I think mgrasso is, too.

Soothed my jangled nerves, and I'm glad I went. It took me a while to settle in - I was pinballing around the room for a while, doing the hug circuit - but by around mid-dinner, I was calmer. Dinner was at Mr. Crepe this time, which was really yummy - spicy lamb sausage, herbed feta, spinach, etc for dinner, and apple-cinnamon-honey for dessert. Also? Good company. And I was amused to find that I'd been providing zlana with a great view of my cleavage all night. :)

What 300-calorie meals actually look like.

Make sure you're on my calendar for May, if you expect to be... it's approaching full. Further availability will depend on the state of the fibro-fucked body.

Daily Science
“So what does the female look like?” she said. “Obviously you can’t have something like that without some place to put it in. You need a garage to park the car.”

The lower oviduct (the equivalent of the vagina in birds) is typically a simple tube. But when Dr. Brennan dissected some female ducks, she discovered they had a radically different anatomy. “There were all these weird structures, these pockets and spirals,” she said.

Somehow, generations of biologists had never noticed this anatomy before. Pondering it, Dr. Brennan came to doubt the conventional explanation for how duck phalluses evolved.

In some species of ducks, a female bonds for a season with a male. But she is also harassed by other males that force her to mate. “It’s nasty business. Females are often killed or injured,” Dr. Brennan said.

Species with more forced mating tend to have longer phalluses. That link led some scientists to argue that the duck phallus was the result of males’ competing with one another to fertilize eggs.

“Basically, you get a bigger phallus to put your sperm in farther than the other males,” Dr. Brennan said.

Dr. Brennan realized that scientists had made this argument without looking at the female birds. Perhaps, she wondered, the two sexes were coevolving, with elaborate lower oviducts driving the evolution of long phalluses.

Keep reading. Fascinating!

Daily BPAL
I mailed everything that I've sold/swapped for so far. Still have a bunch of stuff. Buy stuff!

* Since I'm feeling more together, I may make more necklaces. I still have to make one for Adam's mom. Sent my mothers the necklaces I made for them yesterday.
* Phone calls. Ugh.
* Reading! I have three library books due back on Friday.
* Writing! Must expand the Alice/Alan interaction I wrote yesterday morning.
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