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Re: pain:

I've been dialing down on the Cymbalta! 30mg/day all week, down from 60mg/day originally, and this is my first night not taking it since shortly after my fibro diagnosis.

So maybe it *was* having an effect.

On the other hand, I'm writing again - future-Shayara stuff as well as a different perspective on the cyberpunk story and my take on deconstructing the unicorn. That last one? Could only have come out of my brain, will never sell anywhere, it's just too freakin' gruesome, but. It's in my head.

Less pain or writerbrain? I need the writerbrain. Hopefully, this is a passing thing, painwise - got my period for the first time in a few months (benefits of the IUD), and that might be having an effect, too. If it's not a passing thing... I'll figure it out then.

Bed now.
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