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Evening miscellany

* The sheep-shearing festival was tremendous fun; we lost emilytheslayer and theloriest and the crew early on, sadly, but theloriest found us again (as did Emily, but briefly) before we left. We had a blast hanging out with various farm animals, including alpacas and a llama... we shopped (I have a new stuffed moose and she has new earrings, among other things)... we discovered that there's a 4-H club almost literally in our backyard... we ate soft-serve and ices and kettle corn... all the ingredients of a successful country festival.

* By the end of it, my everything hurt. Again. Despite the Flexeril I'd taken upon rising this morning. This is Day 3 of pain and stiffness levels being much higher than usual. I am not liking this one bit. Hot bath didn't help very much, and neither has my nap. Actually, I woke up with a sore throat. Hoping that's an allergy to alpacas, rather than incipient sickness.

* Nap brought forth awful disturbing realistic dreams. *shudders*

* I'm going to the post office on Monday. You should check my swap/sale page if you want any BPAL or similar stuff. I'm all stocked up on teflon tape and padded envelopes, and eager to sell before the postage rates increase - and before May 1, when a bunch of LE scents come down.

* Um. That's it. Kinda got knocked out today. Adam did the grocery shopping while I slept, so that's one less thing on the to-do list... but today's mail brought forth a few more things for the to-do list. So.

* Oh! I am going to a training/info session later in May.... to volunteer for the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center. I'm hugely excited about this. I don't know if I'm going to apply for the community-education-type post or the first-responder-type post (too still-asleep to look up the proper titles now). Which is where I'd be needed most? Where am I best suited? I've already exhibited skills in communication and education; I know that I can do that. But there's also something to being the person in the middle of the night who's saying "you're not alone" and "it's going to be okay". We'll see. It may be a matter of what's available. All I know is that I don't want to work the hotline, because I can't do telephone - I have a big phone-anxiety issue, and I just don't communicate well on it. Not suited to phone support at all.

I go now, as Adam is getting tetchy about wanting to watch LSH.
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