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Family photo

...of a future generation...

The heavy iron gates stand entirely open now - you can see them in the background of the photograph, way back and to the left. The people in the photo are sitting or standing on the lush grass before the high stone wall.

Front row, seated:
Seth Halloran, long red hair and shy smile, more of his father in him than his mother, despite his coloring - he carries himself as if conscious that he's often the largest person in the room, and wants to give others more room. He has the gentle eyes of an empath, and the deft, callused hands of a craftsman. He sprawls, leaning a bit on his knee, clad in an old Kirayth jacket over a bottle-green t-shirt and jeans.

Katy in the middle, always in the middle, arms wrapped around the shoulders of Seth and of her twin. She practically bursts out of the photo, energy-wise - hyperactive and hyperkinetic, hair a profusion of colors and little braids, face bright and expressive. She's wearing (vintage) black leather pants and a colorful skin-tight bodysuit under a loosely-crocheted top, so she looks like scribble-art - colors showing through where you've scratched to reveal them. Her merriment is often contagious, and it's what's sparked Seth's smile.

Alan Telenias, Katy's twin. Of them all, he looks most conservative - close-cropped hair and a simple T-shirt (advertising some ancient Celtic band) jeans. His eyes look older than his sister's, heavy with knowledge - the curse of all Telenias, and he bears more knowledge than most who've worn that title, thanks to his father. But his smile is genuine and fond, and you get the feeling that this Telenias allows himself to live life, that he connects.

Back row, standing:
Lianna Stone. Lee. The oldest of the group - which tells in her carriage, not her face. Lee eyes the camera solemnly, as if posing for a daguerrotype, her hands folded formally in front of her. Her eyes are Tamrani bluegreygreen, but her hair is darker than the Tamrani norm - a rich chestnut with a striking streak of premature silver, cascading in waves to her waist. She wears a dress, mid-calf-length, cream silk with dark brown and copper trim.

Alice. Alice is the only one not looking at the camera. No, Alice is looking off into the fields visible in the back and to the right, unexplored forest, unexplored world. Her hands are shoved into the back pockets of her tattered and paint-stained jeans; her shirt is thin and worn, but soft, long sleeves shoved up to her elbows. Alice is archetypical Tamrani female in height, in the dark gold of her long hair, but the eyes her long bangs shadow are L'Arathi grey-in-green. Like Katy, she seems to be in a state of barely-suppressed motion - but where it looks like Katy might be about to get up and dance, or to wrestle one of the guys to the ground, Alice looks like she wants to run.
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