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Happy birthday to nomadmwe!

Ow ow ow. Overdid yesterday. Went from yoga to grocery shopping at Whole Foods (to sitting down for a while and having a lovely lunch with methanopyrus!) to shopping at Target with Miss Kid (household organizational goodies, yay!) to walking to the library with Miss Kid ("Oh, Mommy, it's such a beautiful day; let's walk!")

It was the last one that really did me in. I think I could've gotten away with all the rest of it. And I knew at the time that it was likely to end up as Too Much. But when your almost-teenage daughter wants to spend a while walking with you and talking about her life.... yeah, I hurt. But that was Important.

That said, today will be fairly sedentary in compensation.

ayalanya is selling beautiful things here and here - necklaces of all sorts, a bun cage, and a mask. Lower than the Buy It Now prices on eBay. Buy now before she puts 'em back up!

I Has a Eggplant!
Organic produce delivery (shevet achim gam yachad) rocks. Eggplants are gorgeous. Red chard is gorgeous, and so visually striking! And I got a basil plant! :) Healthy eating is *pretty*. I just have to figure out how to cook it all.

I owe a bunch of you a bunch of e-mail. I suck. I will try to get on top of that.

Daily Science

Friday memage!
Wearing: Penguin pajamas.

Reading: From the Notebooks of Dr. Brain, by Minister Faust; The Book of the Storm, by catvalente.

Elayna is Reading: The diary of Anne Frank. I expect tears. Also, the complete works of David Lubar. Again.

Planning: A day of recovery. Saturday we're hitting Woolstock with emilytheslayer and crew. Sunday, rest.
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