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Happy birthday to taura_g!

Hello to new reader stampedo!

The Lunesta gives me pretty much exactly 6 hours of sleep. Dammit, I need more than that.

The 1/2-pill dose of Flexeril does not knock me on my ass - but it doesn't help much, either.

This is week two of detoxing off the Cymbalta (had to interrupt it for a bit).

*eyes clock*
Gotta go run errands so I can be back to meet methanopyrus for lunch so I can get Elayna to the Travelling Vernal Pool thing so I can get Elayna to soccer practice and then I have a date with My Tallest tonight and then I collapse.

Daily Science
Tiny spider relatives have rediscovered the joy of sex, regaining the ability to mate after their arachnid ancestors lost it, marking a reproductive first in the annals of animal evolution.

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