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Science Carnival like whoa.

They were *not* expecting the sorts of crowds they got - Cambridge City Hall was *much* too small to host this sort of event. Consequently, there was stuff I just couldn't push through to see, and the crowds were too much for Elayna. Hopefully next year they'll have things outdoors, or use a few more buildings. It's the first year. Learning curve.

We had a blast, though; Elayna's favorite part of it was getting to handle marine animals (the sea urchin and sea cucumber were her favorites) and look at them under the microscope. Yay for echinoderms! Her enthusiasm had the woman manning the booth grinning, and she helped younger kids use the microscope to look at those and at the squid.

Other highlights were getting to pet an alligator (yes, animal stuff is always doubleplusgood for us), getting little sticky brains in a petri dish, learning about plastics made from corn... um... lots of stuff. Overwhelming, though!

Tomorrow we go to "Earth Day: It's About Ocean Life, Too!" at the Harvard Museum of Natural History.... which we've not been to before, but I have a map and a bus pass, so we're good to go.

Is anyone interested in going to Einstein's Dreams with me later this week?

And Elayna was a little activity-ed out by this week and weekend. Much to my relief, as that means we're agreed that we'll move at a less frenetic pace next break. I was trying to keep it up for her, and she was trying to keep it up for me, and we are both peopled out. Hence only one thing tomorrow, out of all the festival offerings. Marine biology is her Thing, so we can't miss this.

Okay. Naptime!
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