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Change of plans! dicotomygrrl swooped by and spirited us off to the New England Aquarium, where we spent a lively and fun morning.

More things fibro!'song is not allowed to do:
1. Carry a toddler
2. Push a laden stroller
3. Lift a chair over her head
4. Ignore the fact that she's going to pay for doing stupid shit like that
5. Reason that since she's already in pain, it doesn't matter if she pushes herself a bit farther

Why can I not adjust to my current level of capability, or lack thereof? It's not new anymore. This is a problem.

Anyway, between the Museum of Science yesterday, and this, I am bone-deep achy. Providing a fun and educational spring break for one's child is exhausting.

I probably shouldn't do the Science Carnival tomorrow, but I'm going to anyway. I'll just need to go through the brochure and find out which things are happening all week, as opposed to only opening day, and only do the opening-day things. And sit down when I need to.

The stuff that hurts is fun stuff. That sucks. :P

Now I will lie down and read. That is fun, and does not hurt. Much. If it's a paperback.
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