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Audience Participation Friday

Idea of the day, from the lemon-scented murnkay, on the use of Twitter:

I am using it, 99% of the time, to write fiction in 140 characters or less, as started by Ariana. It was a great idea and I’ve been doing a few a day so far. Here are 4 (of the 5, mind you) that I’ve written to date, including the one from this morning:

Every day I try again. Every day I fail. Lashed to this tree, I struggle. My empty eye socket itches. Wisdom had better be worth it.

Stars above. Stars below. I drown in them and they become my only company in this beautiful silence. Fuck, air’s gone.

We won’t back down. We won’t surrender. No matter how many swords they have, no matter how high they kick. Damn ninja are going down. Arrrr!

Vampire’s bite. It kills me, but it will make me so much more soon. The power is worth the pain. Oh! The pain! Jesus! Three days to go.

Now you do some. I'll try after breakfast.
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