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Tew's Day

Hello to new readers barodar, nevacaruso, and piscosubito!

Hangin' in. Got a bit stiff yesterday, but stretched it out, and got lots of sleep last night.

I will be there tonight! Bussing in early to run a few errands in the Davis Square area, but could use a ride home.

Virginia Tech
My sympathies to everyone affected by this. :(

Adam grabbed my keys instead of his own this morning. My keys have the only car key on 'em. *crosses "going to the doctor's office for that Toprol renewal, should he deem it necessary", "taking the car to get the "check engine" light thing taken care of", "returning books to library", "yoga", and "taking Elayna spring wardrobe shopping" off today's to-do list*

So. To-do list: Returning the one library book that's actually due *today* plus whichever others I can carry in my backpack, depositing checks, mailing bills, and picking up meds + buying stamps at Shaw's. And cleaning up 'round the office. mangosteen was investigating my office during the Muppet Marathon yesterday, and it made me a bit twitchy - not because I have a problem with him doing that, but just because, as vented to Adam on Sunday, whenever we have an event that requires rapid tidying, everything gets shoved into my office. So there is *so* much clutter. And I hate the idea of anyone thinking I prefer to function like that. I dunno. I'm a weird kid.

This Week
This is Elayna's spring break! Anything cool going on this week that we should know about? Any other local parents want to join forces? :) Elayna has her best friend over right now. *looks at clock* Yep, she's been here for 22 hours and counting. That's okay. Keeps the kid happy and occupied.

We are going to the Museum of Science with dicotomygrrl at some point, probably Thursday or Friday, if anyone wants to join us. :)

For those concerned: Never you mind what MSNBC says, it's not so bad here. Kinda like Florida, but colder. It's New York and New Jersey that have it bad, from what I hear.

Daily Science
Diabetics cured by stem-cell treatment

Daily BPAL
Eos</b>: The Rising Sun. She is Ostara, Easter, the Anglo-Saxon goddess of fertility and the dawn. She is a protector and friend to all children. Her scent is that of softly glowing skin, jasmine, buttercup and honeysuckle.

In bottle: Jasmine, but not overpowering.

On me: Same. But the jasmine does drown out everything else. :(

Titania: A nocturnal bounty of fae dew-kissed petals and pale fruits: white grape, white peach, iced pear, musk rose, sweet pea, moonflower and snapdragon.

In bottle: Mmm! It's the pear that leaps out, backed by floral sweetness.

On me: Still pear. The peach doesn't kill it. The flowers start to rise and drown out the pear, though. :(

Pride: Vanity in extremis. The scent of rabid hauteur: Moroccan rose and narcissus.

In bottle: Typical chemical rose.

On me: Yep. Straight-up chemical ick.
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