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Afternoon miscellany

* Gah I cannot find my favorite earrings. They're around here *somewhere*, I know, but I wanted to wear them tonight! Ah, well. He won't care what earrings I'm wearing. :)

* Have gotten a lot of cleaning done; my desk is now actually usable and thus much less frustrating.

* Had to kill a yellowjacket. It was hiding in Elayna's wooden flute. The kids picked it up, and yow. It flew to the window, resting on Elayna's porcelain Anne of Green Gables doll.

Elayna: "Kill it kill it!"
Me, outwardly calm, shoe in hand: "I'm not going to break Anne of Green Gables. I am waiting for it to move."
Elayna's Friend: "I'm allergic - a wasp stung me once and I got cellulitis in my foot!"
Elayna: "Omigod Mommy kill it!"
Me, still outwardly calm: "Okay. What we are going to do is concentrate on making the wasp leave Anne of Green Gables and walk up the glass."
Elayna's friend: "I am so scared -"
Me: "Talk to Zeus. Ask Zeus to get this thing to where I can kill it."
We are very quiet and very still.
The wasp/yellowjacket/whatever leaves Anne of Green Gables and slowly ambles up this glass.
I swing. I nail the little bastard. I flush its twitching body down the toilet.
I collapse against the wall, shaky.
I hate being the only grownup home sometimes...

* In very good spirits, though. As I told my buddy Fat Mike, "Concert last night + actually feeling okay today, considering + hanging out with oneagain in an hour + date tonight + got my BPAL order = happy 'song. :) " Plus, avivasedai this weekend! Elayna's so excited to see avivasedai - she brought her flute home to play for her. :)

And now I go get reiki!
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