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I hereby declare the second and third stories of this house to be the sovereign nation of Gojirawitziev! (The landlords live on the first floor. Gojirawitziev is not an expansionist country. Plus, the treasury's currently too depleted from buying comic books to buy our own castle.)

Gojirawitziev is a no-smoking country; offenders will be defenestrated. In fact, defenestration is the official form of execution in Gojirawitziev. Other crimes that bear this penalty include not returning borrowed books promptly and talking to Adam while he's trying to watch TV.

The rulers of Gojirawitziev are King Adam the Snarky and Queen Shadesong the Diminutive. The heir to the throne is Crown Princess Elayna the Almost-Teenaged. (Note: Half of the third floor of Gojirawitziev is a protectorate of Crown Princess Elayna, and will require a separate visa.)

Chief imports of Gojirawitziev include coffee and chocolate; chief exports? Lots and lots of text.

Gojirawitziev is known for its excess of books and DVDs; it is a geek fairyland, described by theferrett as a "nerd castle". Inhabitants spend their recreational time reading, writing, drawing, playing "Apples to Apples" or "Chrononauts", and deconstructing pop culture.

You may apply for a visa to visit Gojirawitziev below. Please indicate whether your purpose is business or pleasure. In addition, Queen Shadesong is interviewing applicants for her royal cabinet; you may apply in comments, being certain to state what position you feel best suited for.
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