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Midmorning miscellany

* I am terribly excited about the concert tonight!

* I am terribly excited about my date tomorrow night! I had just been saying wistfully to Cyn that I wanted a First Date, as it had been forever since I'd had one, and lo and behold, the very next date, a very cute guy asked me out. (Dear whoever was listening: I want a pony. *looks around* Poooony. Po-ny. Please. *waits*)

* I am terribly excited about avivasedai's visit this weekend! I don't get to see her nearly often enough, and it's usually just for a few hours at a time. I get her for a whole weekend!

So yes. Much to be excited about.

I did yoga again today - at home; yesterday's was in the studio. I really need to make this a daily practice. Thank the gods for TiVo - I can TiVo a bunch of the different shows, and do Wai Lana when I'm not up to Inhale.

WHEE. I am so full of energy for Great Big Sea and my impending rockin' weekend.
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