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[Shayara] The Grove

She grips the balcony's ledge with both hands, rough stone against her skin - centers on that, on that sensation, instead of what's in front of her. Looks down at her whitening knuckles.

She can't stop feeling it, though, like a shimmering wall. The shield beyond the shield. The castle constructed like a Russian doll, all to protect the grove at its heart.

The grove where the world began, its power pulsing undeniably below. A call. The call that brought her here from the human world, the call that brings everyone back home - that whispered in Ryan's dreams, awakening him - that drove poor Lyric half-mad - that took Shawn from his home at the Sanctuary. Muffled by the shields around the castle itself, most of the time. But here, overlooking the grove itself, veiled by trees... the call of that clearing at the heart sings to her, wordless and pure.

It is where she was born, the first time.

It is where she died, the first time.

It is the heart of the heart of her people, her race. It is the world's beginning.

Depending on how she chooses, it might be the world's end.

Every morning she comes here, to this balcony overlooking the grove. Every morning she tests herself against that call.

One day, she will go. She will step into that half-remembered heart, that sacred circle.

Maybe that day, she will know what to do.

She shivers against imagined cold; she turns her back on the grove, retreats.

Not today.
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