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Writing Prompts

In the interest of getting all these slips of paper out of my fruit bowl so I can actually put fruit in it, here are the rest of the writing marathon prompts!

The library of books people thought better of writing
I never did it before...
Country roads
At the library
A treasure map on the wings of a butterfly
I looked in the mirror, and wished I hadn't.
Real friends help you...
Justifiable sins

Small things
The edge of the world
In the bottom drawer
When I went to the ocean
Pretty smells
Why someone would build a chain of forgotten names
Candy store
The first time
"I can't-"
Coffee is a plot by the CIA
You crack eggshells at the bottom before throwing them away so that witches don't use them as boats.
The most valuable diamond in the world that can never be sold
I looked out the window and saw...
My first role-playing game
Running away
Somehow, I found...
An underwater city for people who can't breathe water
Never believe anything fire tells you
They built a robot for the purpose of crying so they would never have to.
Why only green-eyed people are allowed to pilot starships
Psychometry: reading the history of something by touching it
What happens to canaries when they grow too large
I saw her yesterday
"What do you want?"
It happened a few days ago...
Why we got rid of all the cars
I didn't want to...
Why the two verses of this poem can never be read at the same time
An expensive pair of shoes cut to bits and hidden in the rafters of a house
The key is in the book
A goddess quits her job to become a Hollywood star
Road trips
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