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Today, I would like to give thanks to the internet.

Twelve years ago, you see, I was going through much turmoil. I returned to Florida to have my child... and plunged into a world of isolation, to the point where I, like our poodle, raced to the garage upon hearing one of my parents pull in just to get some adult interaction.

And then I discovered the internet.

The internet led me to a planet full of People Like Me. I discovered IRC, I discovered the Bordertown BBS... and most importantly, I discovered Tamson House, an e-mail mailing list for fans of my favorite author, Charles de Lint. I made friends in these places that are still among the most important people in my life.... I found family there.

But twelve years ago, I never dreamed that the brilliantly witty guy I nursed a shy intellectual crush on would ever be my friend.

Much less my best friend.

Much less my husband.

So today, I'd like to thank the internet for bringing me Adam.

And I would like to wish Adam - my best friend, my beloved, my fishie, my heart - a very happy birthday.

(P.S. Adam - check your seat at the dining room table. :))
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