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haikujaguar pointed out that it's been a while since we've had a Shayara post. Her request was for a piece featuring the Telenias... I'll have to ponder that and see what comes out. The problem with writing about the secret-keeper is that he doesn't tend to give me as much to work with as the other characters do.

The biggest writing project on my table is the new intro comic - the piece that'll close out the Primer (for those who sponsored my Blogathon last year) and launch the webcomic.

So here. Have the rudimentary Page One, complete with notes to Mouse.

I’d like to do this as a series of pages with Donna alternately on the left and right sides of the page – we get modern-day Donna, and a curling-at-the-edge page showing the story. Is good?

Shayara: The Webcomic. Page 1 – just comic of modern-day Donna, not the side device, which starts on page 2.

Panel 1: Donna, standing, pulling a book off a shelf, looking at the “camera” in three-quarter profile. Her hair is in a long, thick braid over her shoulder. She looks wise, lovely, and tired. “My name is Donna ni’Tarak, and I am the Kithraya of my House.”

Panel 2: She proceeds across the room, one of the larger rooms in the Library. There are a few people milling about in the background – feel free to include a known character or two (just not Capri), or one of our friends. “Jason has asked me to make a recording of this – of our history. Of my part in it.”

Panel 3: She sits in a large leather club chair, but does not open the book. She cradles it across her crossed legs, holding it like a security blanket. She smiles softly down at it. “I am, at the core, not a historian… I am a librarian. So I’ll do this as best I know how – as a story.”

Panel 4: She looks up. Calm, direct. “So many stories begin with ‘Once upon a time’. This one begins with ”I woke up.”
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