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Today has been a *good* day! The stuff earlier, plus:

* Lovely weather for a walk around Watertown and then around Davis Square
* Finally finding the craft store I'd been idly looking for, and getting everything else I need for my proof-of-concept pieces there
* Getting to the Diesel in time to score the last pumpkin muffin (they've been out for weeks)
* Scoring a seat on a couch... next to a cute guy
* Said cute guy being flirty with me
* Said cute flirty guy asking me out. Like on a date. There will be skeeball.

I am still blushy and giggly over this. :)

Many many other great moments tonight, but generally more of the You Had To Be There school. Suffice to say that I spent pretty much all night being snuggled and kissed (including Surprise Attack Pouncey Makeouts from mizarchivist) and laughing and... yeah. Yay!

Happy day, happy 'song. :)
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