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Medical Update #893

So I went in very calm and collected, gave him copies of all of the fibro-related paperwork from Atlanta, and told him what I wanted. We discussed options. "You've never been on Neurontin?" he asked. "No, but I'm on Lyrica right now, which is very chemically similar."

Some doctors will take that sort of expression-of-general-knowledge as a cue to talk to you like a grownup, some won't. Fortunately, this one did.

So. I'm going off the Cymbalta. I have a scrip for a smaller dosage of Cymbalta, and for Trazodone - going to try that for my daily pain management. (If I'm doing okay off the Cymbalta, I may not even start the Trazodone. We'll see.) As for flares, he recommended that I take half a Flexeril, and call him if that knocks me unduly on my ass and we'll figure something out. So. Slow trek toward effective drugs. But basically, one just has to play the game, show willing. We'll get there.

I will be Superwoman again.

In other news, the road I take to get to my doctor was blocked off. Oh noes! I managed to keep my internal compass going as I navigated the maze of roads, came out not far from Fresh Pond, and found the road I needed - and still got to my appointment early. I rule.

And on the way back, I swung by Whole Foods. Now I have my favorite granola, Elayna has a vegan chocolate cupcake and fresh fruit, and Adam has things he'll get to see on his birthday. And also good coffee.

Now I go eat granola. Then I get stuff together for the lawyer tomorrow. *nods* I'm taking the bus out to Diesel today, and I may go early and bring my computer. We'll see. It's a nice day - just a bit of chill in the air, and a bit of fog.
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