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This post is entirely about BPAL.

Got my Lupercalia/Heroines order today! Chintamani-Dhupa, Khandita, The Oblation, and an imp pack of 51, Antony, Arkham, Bien Loin D’ici, Burial, Calico Jack; frimps of Red Queen (x2!), Wilde, Saturnalia, Amsterdam, Zephyr, and Velvet. :)

And today's update? Dude. My breakdown:

Must have 5ml now!
MILK MOON 2007: A fertile scent, generous, life-affirming, and swelling with a sense of triumph, warmth, and abundance: sweet milk, golden honey, fig fruit, pomegranate, dates, and white grape. Goes away April 5, or I'd do decant instead.

MINOTAUR: The Bull of Minos, guardian of the Labyrinth in Knossos. A deep, swarthy black musk dusted by a dark, resinous blend of sacred bisabol myrrh, atramentous benzoin, tsori, balsam, and galbanum. Oh HELLS yes.

Can wait til tax return (Up til April 30)
MONSTER BAIT: TOKYO STOMP: Beckons all giant creatures from gargantuan reptiles and humongous moths! These babies are sure to crush everything from dollhouses to shopping malls! Can even be used to summon colossal robots in a pinch! A sweet and crisp vanilla mint! Dude. Gojira bait!

Must find decant circle
MONSTER BAIT: VENTRILOQUIST DUMMY: Menacing, maniacal, and slick with the one-liners … this guy does it all with a wink and a smile! Savage apricot, depraved dry woods, and psychopathic patchouli covered by a disarmingly sweet mishmosh of caramel, brown sugar, hazelnut, and butterscotch. Be warned: this oil will instigate possession in most puppets, including some marionettes and the occasional finger puppet. The foody bits sound great, save for that apricot. Apricot tends to dislike me.

MONSTER BAIT: BLOODY MARY: Why waste time chanting her name in the mirror 13 times? Bedevil your next slumber party the easy way! Chunky, glistening red fruits with sweet cream accord, black clotted cherry, and powdered sugar! Sometimes BPAL cherry likes me - sometime it ends up going superplastic.

A Bachelor's Dog: Soft musk, leather, and Brazilian cigar tobacco. All good notes, but a bottle is $25.50.

A Bold Bluff: Cherry tobacco, tonka, and hops. Cherry tobacco loves me, but I'm not sure about the hops.

His Station and Four Aces: Lilac fougere, white musk, and leather accord. Unsure about fougeres, but leather...

Kelly Pool: Worsted wool, teakwood, and bois du rose. Wool? Interesting!

One to Tie, Two to Win: Dewy grass, summer breezes, and dandelion clocks. Grass, I like.

Pinched With Four Aces: Colorado Maduro tobacco wrappers, cinnamon bark, coffee bean husk, and dry woods. This would absolutely be a BUY IT NOW, save for that $25.50 price tag.

Riding the Goat: A rich Masonic incense coupled with mahogany wood, ebony, and pipe smoke. Incense only sometimes works on me.

Stranger In Camp: Evergreen, damp grass, woodsmoke, birch bark, cedar, and Terebinth pine. As someone on the forums noted, this seems very like Doc Constantine minus the leather.

TAURUS 2007: Rose, daisy, apple blossom, violet, poppy, columbine, thyme, and mint. I might get a decant of this, since rose doesn't kill everything, and I like thyme and mint.

POISSON D'AVRIL: Not at all fishy; rather, quite Springy! Innocence spiked with a little bit of foolishness: Lenten rose, crested iris, Virginia bluebell, primrose, moss phlox, blue crocus, daffodil, and dewy tulip with a touch of sugar blossom and honey. Way too floral!

New Year's Eve in Dogville: Flirty perfume, dapper cologne, and effervescent champagne. The first two notes make me wary, and I'm meh on the third.

Sitting Up With a Sick Friend: Tobacco smoke and leather bowled over by a powerful smack of heady, classic perfume and a whiff of rose water. Smack of heady perfume? No, thanks.

*looks list over* Okay. Budget impact not as bad as I'd feared.

Adam will be helping me go through my BPAL-to-sell today.
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