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Fell asleep at noon, after overworking myself all morning. Woke up at ten til 5. Called kid home from library. Posted Buffy comic pimpage. Kid returned, with friend and friend's chatty mom in tow. Talking-at'song commenced til ian_gunn and family got here at almost 7. Not enough time to get to Muppet Movie. Went to The Last Mimzy. I sat in the back of the van with three Very Loud Girls there and back, and had to repeatedly shush Elayna and her friend during the movie. Had to silence two nascent hissyfits at the ice cream parlor afterward. Too Much Noise. Got back here ~10. Packed up swaps and goblets. Elayna's friend's parents arrived and there was more talking. They just left.

Summation: I feel like I lost half my day, and my entire evening was full of Very Loud little people all talking at once and trying to outshout each other over my head, and I have had no quiet or alone time at. All.

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